​Straightforward and Simple Marketing for Small Business Owners

April 19, 2018
Straightforward and Simple Marketing For Small Business Owners
For small business owners and entrepreneurs who are focused on running and growing their business, marketing can seem daunting. I’ve been working with small businesses for over five years and they often talk about the same struggles when it comes to their marketing. They feel confident that they could develop a marketing strategy on their own, but they don’t have the time to execute the tasks within that strategy or they don’t know anything about marketing and don’t feel that they have the knowledge to do it themselves.
To those who just don’t have the time usually come to me for help developing and executing a marketing strategy for their business, but for those who don’t think they have the understanding to do it themselves and don’t have the budget to outsource, I’ve come up with a solution… The Straightforward and Simple Marketing for Small Business Owners course. This online course is designed for small business owners who do not have the budget to outsource their marketing but they understand that an effective marketing strategy can help them to grow their business and to increase sales. In this course, I walk through how to determine your target audience and doing a competitive analysis, branding your business, building a content marketing strategy, creating lead magnets to grow your audience, and converting your leads into sales.
Using the curriculum I’ve created, video explanations that walk you through each section, and worksheets to help you build your marketing strategy, this course provides small business owners and entrepreneurs with everything they need, and nothing more (no fluff here) to build a marketing strategy and actually start executing that strategy so that you can get back to focusing on every aspect of running your business, not just marketing.
This course was designed so that you can work through it at your own pace, whenever you want. Purchase just the course or purchase the course with two consultation calls so that you can work on executing your new marketing plan. This course was created with the understanding that as a small business owner, you have a million things you need to get done every day and that marketing is just one of MANY important parts of making your business a success.
Get started on building an effective marketing strategy for your business, take my course, Straightforward and Simple Marketing for Small Business Owners today.


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