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Around The Internet 10.9.15

October 9, 2015
Me at the Daily Show with John Stewart last March!

Hi again! Here are some of my favorite little tid-bits from around the internet lately…

  1. I haven’t quite decided how I feel about The Daily Show’s new host, Trevor Noah. But if this segment on Planned Parenthood is any indication, I think he’s going to grow on me!

    Me at the Daily Show with John Stewart last March!

    Me at the Daily Show with John Stewart last March!

  2. This week marked the 10th anniversary of Twilight. And before any of you Twi-haters start groaning listen to what Author Stephenie Meyer did to mark the occasion, she is releasing a new title called Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined and it’s Twilight with the gender roles switched. It focuses not on Edward and Bella but on Beau and Edyth. I think this is so interesting especially since gender roles and accepted gender-norms are being challenged more and more. I can’t wait to read it!
  3. Last Sunday was the Pickle Day Festival in the Lower East Side! It’s such a fun street festival. I got a fried ice cream ball and it was just a delicious as it sounds.
  4. FabFitFun compiled a list of all the craziest, coolest, spookiest Halloween YouTube videos and tutorials they could find! What are your Halloween costume ideas?
  5. Here is Matt Damon acting out his entire film career in a video with James Corden.
  6. Don’t forget to check out the latest installment of my blog feature – Explore Your City! Last week I pulled together some of my favorite street art from around the city.

    Street art in Chelsea

    Here is one that may be familiar to some of you, it’s located in Chelsea just East of the Highline and as you can see, it’s huge!

  7. For anyone who trolls podcast recommendation lists, I have a new one for you, Millennial with Megan Tan. She recently graduated college and shares her experiences as she tries to navigate her 20s, specifically her career path. She had a recent episode called What’s Your Worth that I, as a part time someday full-time freelancer, felt I could really relate to.
  8. Also, here’s a video of an Emu playing fetch because…why not?
  9. Last weekend I checked out the recently opened Stay Classy New York, Will Ferrell themed bar. It’s still adding all of the little Ferrell touches, like hanging a ton of custom Will Ferrell themed pieces by local artists. The drink list is a work of art with concoctions aptly named “Did We Just Become Best Friends” and my personal favorite “Smelly Pirate Hooker.” Lucky for me it’s right in my neighborhood! Next time you find yourself in the Lower East Side definitely check it out. Stay Classy New York - a Will Ferrell themed bar in the Lower East Side
  10. And finally, fall TV is finally back! Here is a guide to what’s new and what’s returning this fall.

Right now I am on my Bachelor(ette) cruise to the Bahamas so stayed tuned for plenty of updates about that adventure! You can keep up with me on Twitter and on Instagram until then!

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