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DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

August 10, 2015

It seems like I’ve been seeing macrame and yarn wall art everywhere. From big, simple hangings to ones with intricate weaving work, these things are everywhere right now. From Urban Outfitters to some great DIY projects by some of my favorite bloggers. And, because the wall space over my couch has been looking sad and empty for the last few months, I thought it would be the perfect spot for some yarn wall hart to hang in all its glory! This project is great for any DIY-ophobes or novices because any mistakes can simply be taken out and fixed. I used a stick I found on the street and some yarn picked up at Michael’s and that was it.

Finished Yarn Wall Art

What You’ll Need:

  • Stick, twig or dowel
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Nail/screw or wall hooks

Yarn Wall Art Step 1

Now, like I said, this is the yarn art for dummies version of things. For those of you more craft inclined, there is no end to the possible versions you can make. I already have a few other versions I’m working on! But this is a fairly quick and easy project if you’re feeling crafty on a Saturday afternoon. Or better yet, get some friends together with some wine and see what each of you can come up with!

Yarn Wall Art Step 2

Just start with your stick, it’s up to you how large the stick is depending on the wall space you want to fill. Then, choose your yarn colors. I’ve seen some projects that focus on weaving with just one color of yarn and others, like this one with different colors. I chose colors that go well with my already green walls. Choose any color combination you like, have fun with it! Cut your yarn into plenty of pieces of the same length. Here, I would suggest giving yourself plenty of extra length to work with. You can always trim them later, once they are all knotted onto the stick. Fold your yarn piece in half, then wrap the folded end over the top of your stick. Pull the loose ends through the loop you have just made and pull tight. Make sure you are pushing the yarn together, so that there is little to no stick showing through.

Yarn Wall Art Step 3

When you have all of the yarn knotted onto the stick, you can hang it and decide how you’d like to cut it. It’s tough to get all of the yarn the same length while trimming it, so do your best. Remember the yarn is a bit like a hair cut, it may look even one minute but as soon as some of the pieces move, they look uneven again. The purpose is not for it to be perfect, but for the trimmed shape to look purposeful. I actually took a straightener to my yarn. As you can see in the above photo, it’s far from straight. I like the straightened look, but keep in mind it thins out the yarn so it may not look as full afterwards.

Yarn Wall Art Finished Close Up

As I was knotting the yarn, it got a bit twisted on the right side but I actually liked the way it looked so decided to keep it. I chose to hang this with yarn, but you could also try drilling into your stick, depending on how thick it is, or use some small hooks, depending on how you like the look of it. I really love the way this hanging turned out. It’s different from the other frames and art I have on my walls and brings some interesting texture to my living room.

What do you think, will you be trying this DIY project?

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