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Loving Lately – My Favorite Twitter Accounts

February 14, 2019

Loving Lately - My Favorite Twitter Accounts

It’s been a while since I shared a Loving Lately post so I thought this month I would share my favorite Twitter accounts. Although I spend more time on Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is still my first choice when it comes to getting more information on breaking news or finding interesting articles to read and share when I have a few minutes (don’t worry Medium, I still love you). There are a ton of great accounts on Twitter. I think people who like Twitter really go ALL IN on it. They obsessively tweet, re-tweet, and comment on the platform throughout the day which means that for some people and target audiences, you’re actually getting a more highly engaged audience on Twitter than on other social media platforms. Here are some of my favorite accounts on Twitter:


Mindful Online

I followed Mindful at the beginning of this year, it IS my word of the year after all. They write and share a ton of great articles about mindfulness, self-awareness, productivity, and plenty of other topics that I am trying to pay more attention to in my life. If you are starting or running your own business, I highly recommend you follow them to get a daily dose of mental check-ins.



Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen is a breath of fresh air on Twitter. A lot of people know her as John Legend’s wife but she is really a hilariously quick-witted #ladyboss. She has her own line of cookware and her own cookbook but I really just follow her on Twitter for her biting commentary on pop culture. Her Twitter is always good for a laugh when you’re killing some time on Twitter.



Thoughts of a Dog

Thoughts of a Dog is probably the best thing to happen Twitter…ever. If you’re not following this account seriously go follow it now, I’ll wait. Thoughts of a Dog at the very least makes me smile whenever I read their tweets and there are plenty of times where I’m actually laughing out loud. The tweets are written as a dog and they are good natured fun. Try starting your day reading the tweets from this account or if you’re annoyed or sad, take a look because they are so funny that they can turn your mood around in an instant.



The Muse

The Muse is a great source of articles about business, career development, and self-improvement. Whether you’re still working your 9-5, focusing on your side hustle, or you’re a full-time entrepreneur, they share information that is helpful for anyone. This is a great account to check when you have a few minutes to read an article or to find valuable content to share with your audience.




This is another account that I follow to find articles about starting, growing and running a business. Inc is a great resource of information. I try to read a couple of relevant articles every day so following Inc on Twitter is an easy way to quickly find something to check out.



Babes Who Hustle

Babes Who Hustle is an amazing online and offline community of female entrepreneurs. They celebrate successful female businesswomen, highlight hardworking fempreneurs, and share advice and resources for anyone trying to start or run a business. If you are looking to find out about inspiring women across a variety of industries and professions then this account is definitely worth following.



Gary Vee

Gary Vee is kind of a divisive character in the world of startups and entrepreneurs. He is and has his own unique brand of working and motivating others that can be a little much sometimes. But, I still think he’s worth following. He shares his thoughts on startups, productivity, marketing, and more. If you’re trying to find some motivation to be productive and you respond well to tough love, Gary Vee is for you.



Sean Wes

Sean Wes is an author and business owner. He shares tips and insight into how side hustlers can balance starting and growing their business while working a 9-5 and how entrepreneurs can focus on prioritizing and creating content without working non-stop. I love following him because he seems like a really chill and down to earth guy who wants to give you advice and help you to be successful.



Fast Company

Fast Company shares its articles about trends and the future of business on their Twitter account. This is another account I turn to when I have a few minutes to quickly read an article or if I want to find an interesting article to share on my Twitter. Their articles cover pretty much any industries with a forward-looking focus and it’s often geared towards technological advancements within different industries.



Liz and Mollie

Lizandmollie is a Twitter account I just found the other week but it’s already been a unique source of amusement. Liz Fosslien and Mollie West Duffy are authors with a book that came out in January. Their Twitter account shares simple but totally accurate diagrams and illustrations about work life and our emotions around work. Sometimes I can’t believe how accurate their illustrations are. If you want to feel like someone else really gets you and can relate to how you’re feeling at the office, check out this account.

What are some of your favorite Twitter accounts?

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