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If I Was a Hipster From Brooklyn…

May 25, 2012

If I was a hipster from Brooklyn I would go to the Brooklyn Flea every weekend and sample all of the organic and homegrown fare. I would call myself a “designer,” or a “stylist” and I would occasionally make my own clothes and/or jewelry. I would wear different kinds of hats all the time and insert a quirky and ironic nickname into my introduction “Hello, my name is Sam Galaxy, I’m a stylist.” Most of all if I was a hipster from Brooklyn I would shop at American Apparel and Urban Outfitters all of the time and not feel bad/ nervous about spending my entire measly freelance paycheck on expensive off-brand-on-purpose clothes. Urban Outfitters is having a big Memorial weekend sale and I pretty much only buy stuff that is on sale. So, I decided I should online  window shop with all of you! If I was a hipster from Brooklyn these are the items I would buy…

I would rock one of these hats everyday

I love the kind of retro-80s feel that bomber jackets have

I actually really want a denim jacket in real life, I love how they go with everything!

If I could pull off patterned jeans I would love and wear them all the time

More printed pants, trousers this time since they’re easy to dress up or dress down

But would I buy these or hand craft them myself? Hmmmm

Just because I like weird graphic tees 🙂

Classic hip hop inspired sneaker? Yes please

I really like the vertical black and white stripes, they’re different in a hello it’s the 1940s and I’m in jail way 😉

Just because I would feel like Zenon (girl of the 21st century) in this

What can I say, I love outerwear

This one piece swimsuit reminds me of those pastel mini marshmallows you can get around Easter…and I like it

Who could say no to these floral gems?

I actually really want these in real life, hipster teacher?

Fanny packs own my soul

I’m not in school but I use a backpack ironically…

So that’s it for my what I would wear if I was a hipster from Brooklyn featuring sale items from Urban Outfitters. I pretty much view hipsterism as a wear whatever you want and as long as it’s ironic enough you can get away with it. What would you wear if you were a hipster from Brooklyn?

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