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Things I can’t live without in 2012…

December 27, 2011

Well today is my first day back to work after the holidays and I have spent it catching up on all of my blogs that I have neglected over the last week and a half. I follow a lot of style blogs and after my browsing I am dying for a few items to ring in the new year…

Leopard print loafers. I am in love with these. Besides the fact that you can find me in my leopard print flats 3-5 days out of the week these loafers offer a more masculine side of animal print shoes. They go great with other menswear inspired items, like a blazer and girly pieces like colored jeans. I can’t wait to get my hands on a pair of these to try out all the combinations I’ve been seeing in style blogs this month.

Although I was a bit hesitant to try this trend at first (bright colors aren’t always the most flattering for my fuller figured thighs and butt) I think I am now brave enough to try these. They offer a fresh outlook to any wardrobe, turning your outfit choices into a colorful menagerie of options. But what color to choose from the rainbow of options available?

I love the faux fur trend this season to style up any boring outfit. Although fur and faux fur may not be the most practical items for a Floridian wardrobe, getting a vest can help transition this piece into the warmer months. You can style them so many ways and use them as a neutral, I love the thought of all the texture mixing ( faux) fur offers.

Maxi skirts are versatile and a little off beat. You can easily dress them up or down with a switch of just a shirt and a few accessories. I have been looking for a maxi that is within my (very) tight budget for a while now. Whether or not I actually find one that is both affordable and looks good with my curvalicious self is still up for question. Hopefully I can ring in the new year with an adorable and versatile maxi.

All I want for new years is a…bodycon dress. But not just any bodycon dress, no no, I want one that is flattering. I want it to be the perfect combination of tight but not too tight, short but not too short. I hate all of the bodycon dresses that I try on and either squeeze me to the point of boa-constrictor like death or don’t even begin to cover my butt. I want a bodycon dress that I can wear, know I look good it, but not have to worry about anything accidentally falling, popping or peaking out. Is that too much to ask? I love bodycon dresses that fit just right (i.e. Beyonce and Kim Kardashian almost every red carpet) you can glam it up or tone them down with a blazer. I want it to flaunt what I’ve got but at the same time leave a bit to the imagination.

I have been looking for an oversized gold watch foreeeevvvvverrrr. I don’t have the budget for Michael Kors and in case no one has been trying to find one of these bad boys for a decent price…it’s friggin’ hard. All of the affordable gold watches I have found aren’t big enough for what I want. I have considered the option of getting a men’s gold watch and getting a few links taken off but every watch I look at just looks a bit too masculine for what I want. I love how these statement watches look classic on their own or are the perfect basis for an awesome arm party. Either way I hope to be sporting one of these bad boys by year’s end.


This is one of those pieces that you’re not sure if you’d be able to pull off, but you sure as hell want to try. I love how this is playfully masculine and it reminds me of the jackets men used to wear in old Hollywood movies. Either way these bad boys are a great way to spruce up any outfit and add an unexpected twist without trying too hard.


Now I know these aren’t the most practical for Florida weather, but at least it’ll be cold out for a bit longer! And hopefully I will be living in cooler climates by the years’ end :-). I know a lot of people will cringe when they see this on my list, BUT I love the idea of some pleather leggings. They dress up any leggings look while still being pretty comfortable. And for all of you nay sayers yelling at your screen right now that leggings are not pants, I beg to differ. As long as you shirt/ dress situation is covering most of your butt and you don’t have a crazy indent where the elastic hits your waist then I say…go for it! Another advantage of the pleather legging is that if you get a quality pair that are a bit thicker they will look like a pair of super tight, form-fitting black pants. Plus they give a great opportunity to mix textures for  a really interesting, rocker-chic look.

Well now that I’ve showed you some of my must haves for 2012, what are you dying to get in the new year?

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