These Days

These Days

May 5, 2013

These days are pretty exciting! Friday was y last day of work and I am now officially a full-time student again! I’m home in Clearwater visiting my parents then I’ll be off to South Florida and Key West with all of my best friends! We’ve dubbed the adventure “post-grad spring break” and I cannot wait. After this week full of fun I will be starting my first graduate classes in Integrated Marketing Communications. It’s an amazing time in my life and I can’t wait to have a ton of adventures this summer.



My best friend has an internship in D.C. this summer and has been badgering me to book a flight to visit her. Well, last week the flight prices were just right and I made a snap decision. I haven’t seen you in a while D.C., I can’t wait to catch up and see what you have to offer now that I’m an adult!


I’m still a big fan of Kayak, which is where I found this flight, but Mashable has some great alternatives for the next time you’re scouring the Internet for the cheapest flight possible.


I am digging some of the decor choices in this featured Texan house from Freshome.


I finally made a gallery wall! I’ve been saying I wanted to do it for months now. Last weekend I finally buckled down and got it done. I think it looks great and that bubble mirror really pulls it all together (pssst…it was only $20 at Marshall’s).


This embroidered sunglasses DIY is perfect for summer.


Buzzfeed offered some tricky crafting hacks. Now, why didn’t I ever think of any of these?


Bought this great vintage feeling bikini top from American Eagle for $25 last weekend, sadly I decided to leave the bottoms behind and just go with a solid colored pair I already own.


This quick and elegant home decor inspiration using bell jars is a perfect way to add an unexpected twist to your decor.


My Thrifty Chic offers up 10 espadrilles for under $50.


These two are such hams, we all can’t wait until Rachel moves in. Just a few more months!


40 websites that will make you “celverer” right now


Here are 21 Tumblrs for all of you world travelers.



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