​ What Are Lead Magnets and Why You Need Them

April 23, 2018
What Are Lead Magnets and Why You Need Them
Lead magnets are a great way to grow your email list. Even if your company isn’t ready for email marketing, it’s important to start collecting emails right away. If you collect emails right from the start, when you are ready to launch that course or start marketing your ebook or start finding clients, you already have an engaged and relevant audience to sell to. Lead magnets are an important part of any marketing strategy.
Lead magnets are a free resource that you offer to users in exchange for them subscribing to your email list. Lead magnets are usually free, downloadable content like a checklist, template, ebook, white paper, etc. Lead magnet content should be fast to get and easy to consume. It should solve a very specific problem and it should create value for your potential customers and help you show them how you and your business can help solve their problems. A lead magnet can really be anything you can think of that your audience needs and finds value in. And don’t worry, they don’t always have to be a digital offering! If you are selling a physical product, you can offer a discount or free shipping in exchange for contact information.
Lead magnets are an opportunity to show more value to your audience and potential customers. When a user discovers your lead magnet, they have probably discovered you and already seen some value from your website or social media channels. Now you need to educate them and show them why they need your product or service while you simultaneously create even MORE value in the form of a lead magnet.
Lead magnets should be included in your content marketing strategy as a way to help drive potential customers down your sales funnel. First, a potential customer discovers you and follows your brand, next they consume your content, and then they subscribe in order to get your lead magnet. All of these activities indicate that a user is engaged with your brand and that they are finding value in your company and your content. The next step will be to drive them to make a purchase and convert from a lead to a sale.
A few ideas for lead magnets include:
Downloadable checklists and templates
Email Course
Consultation call, free trial, coupon

Need help keeping your content marketing strategy organized? Download my content marketing strategy template (hint: this is a lead magnet) below.

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